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Hunty, the Jet Fighter
Extracts from "Hunty, the Jet Fighter"
"As they rushed down the runway for take off it felt good for Hunty to have the wind over his wings again. They were soon zooming over the beautiful green fields of the English countryside. It was only short flight to the factory but Frank still decided to do some aerobatics because he knew how much Hunty loved to fly."

Extract from "Hunty at the Grand Prix"
"The day before the Grand Prix, Paul took Hunty flying to show him Melbourne. As they flew over Albert Park, Paul said, 'Hunty that is where they race the Grand Prix, and right across the road from the Park is where my family and I live. We always love the excitement at this time of the year'"

Extract from "Hunty takes off from Australia to England"
"The Concorde, who was very friendly, looked huge as Paul flew Hunty close to him. They first zoomed over the Airshow crowd and then over London and Big Ben. This was to show the English people their most popular Airliner flying for the last time."

Extract from "Hunty flys with Qantas"
"After a short while Paul and Hunty waved goodbye to the Jumbo and continued their flight north. Very soon they were descending onto the small city of Longreach in northern Queensland. This was the birthplace of Qantas and there was a Qantas museum at Longreach Airport."

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