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Hunty, the Jet Fighter

The first book in the series, detailing the exciting adventures of Hunty, the Jet Fighter.
88 pages (58 text and 30 wonderful colour illustrations!)

"This is Hunty's (WV331/SAF543) actual biography. In writing these books I am hoping that young children will believe Hunty and his jet fighter friends (old and modern) enjoy flying as much as their pilots."
Steve Murray 2001

Hunty up to date flying with RAAF JSF at 2020 Melbourne F1 Grand Prix on a painting I did.

A favourite view of mine of the Hawker Hunter, which I painted in 2006 and in the markings of the real Hunty as it looks the Nowra Museum.

A painting I did from a photo taken when I was flying the real Bunty (XF970/SAF528) in 2004 and just changed the nose from a two seater to a single seater to depict my Hunter (Hunty) when I fly it!

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