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Hunty lives here!

At “Australia’s Museum of Flight” Nowra, NSW, Australia

Hunty as seen in his first book “Hunty the Jet Fighter”
Hunty in the Museum
African Hunter in 1972

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ISBN 0-9096087-6-8

ISBN 0 90960 895-4

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ISBN 1 920785 65-5

ISBN 9781922036988 (paperback)

Future Hunty Books: Steve is currently working on the following titles:
“Hunty helps Santa”
“Hunty introduces Delta”
“Hunty rescues the Dolphins”
“Hunty goes to Rio”
“Hunty at the Dubai Airshow”
“Hunty flies to Cape Town”
“Hunty flies in Canada”
“Hunty at Oshkosh”
“Hunty races at Reno”
“Hunty saves the Tigers”
“Hunty flies with theTigers”
“Hunty over Wanaka (NZ)”
“Hunty in formation with Breitling”
“Hunty in the USA”

Early Reviews

“Hunty, the Jet Fighter” is 3 books in 1 that tells the true story of a Hawker Hunter aircraft. Book 1 - "England"; Book 2 - "Asia"; and Book 3 - "Australia"; follows Hunty on his adventures though these countries.
Author and Illustrator, Captain Steve Murray, was an air force pilot in Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe) and flew Hawker Hunters, Mirages and Helicopters.
Steve is now a Captain with Qantas, flying Boeing 737s around Australia, and purchased a Hunter Jet Fighter to restore and fly at Airshows.

Hunty the Jet Fighter is a delightful story, ideal for boys and girls budding to become pilots or for parents/grandparents to read aloud.

AUSTRALIAN AVIATION (Australia's top selling Aviation monthly)

"Hunty is the pictorial story of a Hawker Hunter and follows its career in animated fashion that any Children's Book would. The story has plenty of emotion and a happy ending. Thoroughly recommended for all parents/grandparents and, I imagine, of interest to children between 3 and 10."

FlyPast (Britain's top selling Aviation monthly)

"The exploits of a very special Hawker Hunter. So if you have a Jet warbird pilot of the future in your household, this is the book for you."

“Hunty at the Grand Prix”

FlyPast (Britain's top selling Aviation monthly)

“Hunty is back! This delightful new tale sees Hunty travel to Melbourne to make a starring appearance at the start of the Australian Grand Prix.”

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“Hunty the Jet Fighter” ISBN 0-9096087-6-8
“Hunty at the Grand Prix” ISBN 0 90960 895-4
“Hunty takes off from Australia to England” ISBN 1 920785 65-5
"Hunty flies with Qantas" ISBN 9781922036988 (paperback)

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