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Existing Hunters Database

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  (1) N= no contact; pic= photographs to be viewed
(2) F=airworthy; U=under restoration; M=museum; C=cockpit;  G=gate guard; Sp=spares
S=stored/preserved; D=derelict; T=technical, R=target; ?=unknown; *=unsure of identity
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15.01.2015: After many years of hectic activity I have managed to bring my website back on line. There are many Hunter websites with far more comprehensive information. I hope mine, with a different format, may be of interest. It is very out of date, but I hope to slowly correct that.
12.10.2004: j-4206 pic1 back to flying Claude-Alain Guignet.
19.09.2004: New Hunty advertisement Hunty The Jet Fighter/Hunty advertisement. A painting (1x2m)I have done of my Hunter and which I offered to the Nowra Museum where it is on display. See wv331.
27.04.2004:wv331. I have restored my Hunter to the way my Rhodesian Air Force mount, 1280, looked like in 1972. 1280 (xe548) was lost to enemy fire in 1976.  pic5  pic6
Air Enthusiast articles" Assegai Hunters"; Book "RAF Hunters in Germany"
pic1 wv386 Steven Appleton's great cockpit!
xf970 I flew this Hunter of Dave Currie's for its first flight after restoration, with Dave in the right hand seat. It performed fantastically. The test flying will begin soon, and then I will carry out Dave's conversion.
     The Photographer said, "I expected 2 young Top Guns, not 2 grey haired old men. Put your helmets back on!" Flying Dave Currie's
Hunter was great thrill and a bigger relief for Dave. His engineers have done a great job and I will continue to report on its progress.

Aircraft Number Type Photo Current Status Date of Info Location and Contact Details

UK Build Hunters

P.1052 (swept wing P.1040) pic1 M 00/98 FAA Museum Store, Wroughton  Airfield, Wiltshire, UK
WB188 P.1067/F.3 pic1
M 09/03 Tangmere Military Aviation Museum Trust, Tangmere, Chichester, W.Sussex PO20 6ES,UK


F.2 N C 05/06 Tony Dyer, Boscombe Down Museum, UK; 08/98 Aeroventure, Lakeside Complex, Doncaster, S.yorks; ; 00/98 Robertsbridge Aviation Society Cockpit Collection, UK
WN904 F.2 N M 00/02 Waterbeach Barracks, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire; 00/98 Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK
WN907 F.2 N C 00/98 Blythe Valley Aviation Collection (stored), Walpole, Suffolk, UK
WN957 F.5 N C 00/98 Maes Artro Village, Llanbedr, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
WP185 F.5 N S 04/99 Paul & Andy Wood, Rolls Royce and Bentley car specialists & Merlin aero-engine rebuilders , Great Dunmow, Essex, UK
WP190  F.5 pic1
M 10/05 Tangmere, W.Sussex, UK; Hunter Restoration Flight, Gloucester, UK
WT555 F.1 N M 09/03 Vanguard Haulage, Greater London, UK
WT569 F.1 N G 09/03 2117 Squadron ATC, Kenfig Hill, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
WT612 F.1 N G 09/03 RAF Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK
WT619 F.1 pic1
M 09/03 Museum of Science & Ind, Liverpool Rd, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4FP,UK
WT648 F.1 pic1 C 06/05 Mark Templeman; 00/98 The Air Defence Collection, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK
WT651 F.1 pic1
M 02/05 Newark Air Museum, The Airfield, Winthorpe, Newwark, Notts, NG24 2NY, UK
WT660 F.1 pic1 M 01/00 James A Campbell, Highland Aircraft Preservation Society, near Inverness, Scotland; 00/93 Whitehills Farm, Cullen, Grampian, Scotland, UK; 07/92 K.Charleton, New Blyth, Grampian; Prior to 92 RAF Carlisle Gateguard, Cranwell, UK
WT680 F.1 pic1 G 01/05 "Anglia Hotel" Fleet, Hargate, Lincs, UK ; 09/031429 Squadron ATC, DTEO. Aberporth, Dyfed, Wales, UK
WT684 F.1 pic1
C 10/04 Tony Collins, Lavendon, Bucks; South Yorkshire Aviation Museum, Firbeck, South Yorkshire, UK
WT694 F.1 pic1 M 07/01 Caernarfon Air World, Caernafon Aerodrome, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
WT706/N5196Z T.7/T.62 (ex- Peru 681) N ? 00/04  Steven Appleton, Boise, USA; 06/99Hermes Technic International Inc., Miami, Florida, USA
WT711 F.4/GA. 11 pic1 M 11/98 Air Atlantique Historic Flight, Coventry, UK
WT716 (see J-4152)
WT722/G-BWGN F.4/ T.8.C N F 07/04 Barry Pearson, Exeter; 11/98 Hunter Flying Club,, Exeter Airfield, Devon, UK
WT723/G-PRII F.4/GA.11    (ex-FRADU)
F 07/04 Stick and Rudder Aviation, Exeter; 11/99 Classic Fighters, Exeter, Devon, UK. ; 12/97 RNAS Culdrose, Cornwell, UK. (For auction 23-25,000 pounds) For sale in US by Courtesy Aircraft Inc., Rockford,Illinois ($US 80,000) 
WT744 F.4/GA.11  (ex-FRADU) pic1 M 11/98 South West Aviation Heritage, Eaglescott Airfield, Devon, UK
WT745 T8C (ex-RN) (front of N745WT) CR 06/98 Manchester, NH, USA (front of N745WT)
WT746 F.4 N M 07/99 Dumfries and Galway Museum; 00/98 Saighton Camp, Saighton, Cheshire, UK


T.8C (ex-FRADU) (front maybe used to fit to F.6 XG172 or XJ639) pic1 D 02/05 Barry Pearson, Hunter Flying Club,, Exeter, Devon, UK; 06/98Ben Bartell's Jet Centre (previously McCarthy Aviation), N. Weald Aerodrome, Ipswich, Essex,UK
WT804 F.4/GA.11 (ex-FRADU) N T 11/98 F.E.T.C. (fire training), Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestshire, UK
WT806 F.4/GA.11 (ex-FRADU) N T 11/98 Northbrook College, Shoreham, W.Sussex, UK; R.J. Everett, stored Ipswich, UK
alias "WB188"
F.4/GA.11 (ex-FRADU) pic1 F 07/04 Barry Pearson, Exeter; 12/02 Classic Jets, Exeter, Devon,UK; 09/98 Hangar 13, RAF Shawbury, Shropshire, UK
WV267 F.4/GA.11 N F 01/00 European Warbirds Org, Chino, Ca, USA; Aero Group, Hanar 4, Tulsa, Oklahoma, UK; 00/98 George Lazik, Chatsworth, CA. USA; 00/94 Stored RNAS Culdrose, UK
WV272 FGA.11/T75A (ex-Singapore 540) pic1 S 05/01 Nick Costin, Bankstown Airport, Sydney, Australia; 00/98 Allan Arthur,Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Austral
WV276 F.4 pic1 S 09/03 OFMC, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK; 12/98 Frontline Aviation Museum, Sandown Airport,Isle of Wight, UK
WV318/G-FFOX T.7A pic1
F 07/04 Delta Jets, Kemble, Gloucestershire, UK
WV322 F.4/T.8C pic1
F 07/04 Towerdrive, Exeter, Devon ;06/04 Christopher Perkins Kemble, UK 03/00 (Painted matt black) RAF Cranwell (GIA), Lincolnshire, UK
WV326 F.4/FR.71A  (ex-Chilean J-735) pic1 M 11 /97 Chilean AF Museum, Los Cerrillos

F.4 /F74B (ex-Singapore 543) pic1

M 06/04 STEVE MURRAY, RAN Aviation Museum Nowra, NSW, on display; 01/00 Hunter Flight, Sunshine Airport, Qld,  09/98  Archerfield, Qld Australiascamurray737@gmail.com
WV332 F.4 N C 00/03 1254 Squadron ATC, TAVR Centre, Godalming, Surrey, UK
WV372/G-BXFI F.4/T.8C (ex-FRADU) pic1
F 07/04 Fox One Ltd., Kemble Airfield, Glos, UK (maintained by Delta Jets);  Jet Heritage, Bournemouth, Hurn, UK, 11/98
WV381 F.4/GA.11 pic1 T 00/98 UKAEA Lightning Studies Unit (fuselage only), Culham, Oxfordshire, UK
WV382 F.4/GA.11 (ex-FRADU) N M 00/98 Jet Aviation Preservation Group, c/o 62 Avon ST, Evesham, Worcs, WR11 4LG, UK


WV383  F.4/T.7 pic1

M 12/03 RAE Farnborough Air Sciences Trust RAE Heritage Centre on old RAE 'Factory' site ; 11/98 A&AEE/DERA (Aicraft & Armaments Experimental Establishment/Defence Evaluation & Research Agency) Boscombe Down, UK
F.4/T75S (ex-Singapore 532) pic1
F 06 /04 Steven Appleton, Boise, USA. NB: Fitted Avon 208 engine, 11,250lb thrust & glass cockpit.
WV395 F.4 N D 00/98 British Aerospace, Dunsfold Airfield, Surrey, UK
WV396 F.4/T.8C (ex-FRADU) pic1
G 11 /98 Gate guard, No.4 FTS Valley, RAF Valley, Anglesey, Wales, UK
WV398 (see J-4203)
WW654 F.4/GA.11 N G 08/99  Private owner, Oving, W. Sussex, UK (displayed near former RNAS Ford entrance)
XE527 F.6/F.58 (ex-Swiss J-4006) N M 11/98 Canadian Warplane Heritage, Hamilton, Ont., Canada
XE557 F.6/FGA 71 N S 04/98 Antofagasta/Cerro, Moreno AB, Chile
XE561 F.6/FGA 71 N S 04/98 Antofagasta/Cerro, Moreno AB, Chile
XE584 F.6/FGA. 9 pic1
C 00/96
M.Davey & G.Sparkes, Hooten Park Apt, Cheshire; Macclesfield Historical Aviation Society, Barton Aerodrome, UK
XE587/N587XE F.6A pic1 F 12/00 Hunter One, Wilkes Barre/Scanton Airport, USA; 00/97 A.NMcNeil, Augusta, NJ, USA
XE597 F.6/FGA.9 pic1
C 06/02 Wolverhampton Av Society, W.Midlands; 00/98 RAF Halton, Bucks, UK
XE599 F.6/FR.10/FR. 74BS (ex-Singapore 535) pic1 S 09/98 A. Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia.
XE601/ G-ETPS F.6 (modified to FGA.9 standard) pic1
U 01/05 Skyblue Aviation, Exeter, UK; 04/04 Northern Lights, Canada; 07/99 Boscombe Down, UK (1 hr airframe life left) ; 09/98 Llanbedr, Wales. Drone target chase aircraft to replace timex Hawk Mk.1
XE606 (marked XJ673) F.6A N G 09/00 RAF,  No. 4 Sqn, Cottesmore, Leics, UK ; 00/99 RAF St Athan for display at RAF Cottesmore, UK; 09/98 RAF Laarbruch, Germany
XE608 F.6A N ? 00/98 RAF Bruggen, Germany
XE610 FGA.9 . S 09/03 Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire; Brawdy Gate Guard,S.Wales, UK
XE611 (see J-4103) F.6/F.58A (ex-Swiss J-4103) N ? 01/95 Randall Hames, Gaffney, NC, USA
XE613 F.6/FGA.9
(Zimbabwe Air Force)
pic1 M 07.04 Zimbabwe Air Force Museum, Gweru
XE614 F.6/FR.10/FR. 74BS (ex-Singapore 533) N S 09.04  Fighter World Museum, RRAF Williamtown, NSW Australia; 03/02 Geoff Moesker, Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, Qld., Australia
XE625/J-729 F.6/FGA.71 N G 00/01 Cerro Moreno AB, Antofagasta, Chile
XE624 F.6/FGA.9 pic1
S 04/05 Steve Petrie, E. Midlands, UK; 00/98Phoenix Aviation, Bruntingthorpe Apt, Leicestershire, UK; 00/98 Brawdy Camp Gate Guard.
XE627   F.6A   pic1
M 10/98 Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UKUK
XE643 F.6/FGA.9 N C 00/98 ATC, RAF Aldergrove, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK
XE650 FGA.9 pic1
C 09/05 Farnborough Aviation Sciences Trust Museum; 10/99 R.Jearman, Welshpool, Powys Castle,Wales,UK (May not be actual xe650 but ex-Belgium)
F.6A pic1

F 01/05 Flying with "Yello Summer" Formation; 06/99 M.Beachy-Head, Cape Town, RSA 12/94; B.Povey, Exeter,UK
XE656 F.6 pic1 M 02/99 Flugaussteling Museum, Hermeskeil, Germany; 00/98 Auto and Technik Museum, Speyer, Germany. (moving to the UK for restoration to static display)
XE664 F.4/T 8/T75 
(ex-Singapore 516/c/n 500)
06/99 David Phillips, Ardmore, New Zealand. (NB Nose/cockpit of the original xe664 single seater displayed atAge Museum, Staverton; 06/99  Gloucestershire Aviation Collection.)
XE665/G-BWGM F.4/T.8 (ex-Royal Navy RN) pic1
F 11/98 Hunter Flying Club, Exeter Airfield, Devon, UK
XE668 F.4/GA.11 N D 02/05 Barry Pearson, Culdrose; Fleet Air Arm Fire School, RNAS Predannack, Cornwall, UK
XE670 F.4 N C 10/98 The RAF Museum, Cosford UK
XE677/G-HHUN F.4 LST pic1
06/98 Jet Heritage, Bournemouth Apt, Hurn, Dorset, UK (1 Fatality)
XE685/G-GAII F.4/GA.11 (ex-RN) pic1
F 05/00 AVM Boz Robinson, Hunter Flying Club, Exeter Apt, Devon,UK; Jet Centre,  North Weald Airport, Ipswich ; 11/98 B.Povey, Classic Jet A/C Co., Exeter,UK
XE689/G-BWGK F.4/GA.11 pic1 F 07/04 Barry Pearson, Exeter; 11/99 Hunter Flying Club, Exeter, Devon, UK; The Jet Centre (Ben Bartels), North Weald, UK; 11/98 B.Povey, Classic Jet A/C Co. Exeter, UK
(see ex-Swiss J-4204)
F.4/T.72ex-Chilean N F 00/01 Embraer Chase Aircraft, Brazil
XE707/N707XE F.4/GA.11 pic1
F 01/00 European Waqrbirds Org, Chino, Ca, USA; Aero Group, Hangar 4, Tulsa, Oklahoma, US;06/99 D. Ridsdale, Ca., USA;  01/95 G.Lazik, Santa Monica, Ca, USA; 12/94 P.Povey, Exeter, UK
XE712 F.4/GA.11 (ex-RN) N LST 10/99 08/95 Perished at RNAS Predannack Fire School, Cornwall,  UK
XF289/G-BVYI/N289XF) F.4/T.8C (ex-FRADU) pic1 F 06/99 European Warbirds Org, Chino, Ca, US; Aero Group, Hangar 4, Tulsa, Oklahoma, US; 06/99 Dave Ridsdale, Ca, USA; B.Povey, Exeter, UK 12/94; J.Read, Almalgamated Air Services, Exeter, UK 01/95
XF300/G-BZPC F.4/GA.11 (ex-FRADU) pic1
F 07/04 Barry Pearson, Exeter ; 09/03 Hunter Flying Club, Exeter, Devon, UK; 11/98 Hangar 13, RAF Shawbury, UK
XF301/N301XF F.4/GA.11 (ex-FRADU) pic1
F? 06/99 Garrett Moscos, Villa Park, Ca., USA; Corpus Christ, Texas 06/96RAF Shawbury, GIA (insts aiframe). Jet Heritage 12/94
XF302 F.4/FGA71 N S 04/98 Antofagasta/Cerro, Moreno AB, Chile


XF303 (see J-4105)          
XF310/VH-HMS T.7/T.8C (ex-FRADU), pic1
M 00/04 Hank Ebes, Cheltenham, Melbourne, Australia: 08/98 Skywise Aviation Devonport, Tasmania, Australia; 06/97  Lot38 by Phillips (15,000 pounds)
XF311 F.4 pic1 M 07/01 Queensland Museum,
Coloundra, Australia; /88 Children's Playground, Singapore
XF317 F.4/FR.71A (ex-Clile J-734) pic1 M 00/97 Chilean AF, Museum, Los Cerrillos, Chile
XF319 F.4 (ex-G-BTCY) N ? 06/99 E. Stead, Manchester, NH, USA: 09/91 Gray Tuplin Ltd, Southall, UK. 09/91
XF321 T.7 pic1
M 09/04 Phoenix Aviation, Bruntingthorpe, Leics, UK; 11/98 Held for spares at Hunter Flying Club, Exeter, UK. 00/97 Auctioned Lot 2 by Phillips
XF357/G-BWGL F.4/T.8C pic1 F 08/00 OFMC, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK (in colours of T.7 prototype xj615); 11/99 Exeter Airfield, Devon,UK; 07/99Jet Heritage, Bournemouth; 11/98 Classic Jet A/C Co., Exeter, UK.08/95 Sold at auction 22,000 pounds
XF358  F.4/T.8C (DERA) N F 01/00 Apprentice School, Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK; 11/98 Replacing Hawk100 (out of hours?), Boscombe Down, UK
XF368/G-BTCY F.4/GA.11 pic1 F 09/98 Thunder City, Cape Town, RSA; Hangar 13, RAF Shawbury, UK


XF369 F.4/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 538) N S 00/01 Geoff Moesker, Archerfield Airfield, Queensland, Australia; 08/98 A.Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
XF374   F.6/FGA 9 (Zimbabwe 1827) N S 11/98 Airforce of Zimbabwe, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe.
XF375/G-BUEZ F.6A pic1 F 01/00 Old Flying Machine Co. (OFMC), Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK
XF382 F.6A pic1
M 10/05 Midland Air Museum, Coventry Apt, Baginton, CV8 3AZ,UK
XF383 F.6 N C 00/03 Julian Mitchell, Oxford; 00.98 Stephen Arnold, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, UK
XF386 GA.11 pic1 F 03/02 'Boz' Robinson flew it for Thunder City, Cape Town, RSA
XF396 F.4/FGA.73A (Omani 844) N G 00/98 Parade Ground, RAFO Gallah, Oman
XF416  F.6/FGA.9 (Zimbabwe 1098) pic1 S 11/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
XF418 F.6A N M 09/98 Flugausstellungh L und P Junior, Hunstuckhohenstrasse, D-54411 Hermeskeil, Germany. Tel+496503 7693 Fax+49 6503 3410
XF419 F.6/FGA.9 pic1 S 00/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
XF426 F.6/FR.10 pic1 M 12/03 RAF Museum, Hendon, UK; 1975 Oman AF 1972 Jordanian AF
XF431 F.6/FGA.9 N S 00/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
XF432 F.6/FR.10/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 526) pic1 S 00/01 Geoff Moesker, Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, Qld., Austrlia; 09/98A.Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
XF437/VH-FRA F.6/FR.10/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 503) pic1

F 08/03 G.Moesker, Bne Apt, Queensland; 09/98 G. Moesker, Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
XF441 F.6/FR.10/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 545) N S 05/01 Nick Costin, Bankstown Airport, Sydney, Australia; 09/98 A.Arthur,Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
see J-747
XF450 F.6/F.60 (ex-Saudi 60/603/Omani 723 N G 00/98 Gate Guard, RAFO Thumrait, Oman
XF460 F.6/FR.10/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 546) N S 00/01 Geoff Moesker, Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, Australia; 09/98 A.Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
XF504   FGA 9 (Zimbabwe 1258) pic1
S 10/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
XF509 F.6 N G 00/95 Humbrol Ltd, Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, UK 
XF515/G-KAXF F.6A (ex -RN) pic1 F 07/04 Tim Manna, Kennet Aviation,Cranfield, BEDS, MK43 OJR, UK. 12/94 RAF Scampton auctioned to Global Aviation Ltd, UK
XF516/G-BVVC F.6A pic1
Possible restore?
07/03 Peter Hellier, Hunter Flying Club, Exeter Apt, UK. 11/94 P.Helier, Maidenhead - Cranwell to Exeter for restoration; 10/94 RAF Cranwell GIA
XF519   F.6/FGA 9 (Zimbabwe 8106) . N S 10/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru Zimbabwe
XF522 F.6 N C 00/98 1365 Squadron ATC, TAVR Centre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK
XF526 F.6 N ? 00/98 G. Revill, Birlingham, Herefordshire & Worcestershire, UK or scrapped at RAF St Althans, S. Wales
XF527 F.6 pic1 G 00/98 Gateguard, RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire, UK
XF946 F.4 pic1 G 12/99 Jordanian War Memorial, Amman, Jordan
     XF947 (see ex-Swiss J-4104)
XF950/VH-XHH F.4/T.75S (ex-Singapore 536) pic1 S 01/00 Geoff Moesker, Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
(ex-Swiss J-4202)
XF967/G-BZRI F.4/T.8C N F 07/01 Thunder City, Cape Town, RSA; Classic Jets Co., Devon, Exeter, UK; 00/98 (Painted matt black), RAF Cranwell (GIA), Lincolnshire, UK
XF968 F.4/FGA.73A (ex-Jordanian & Omani 847) N S 00/98 RAFO Salalah, Oman
XF969 F.4/FR.10/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 529) N S 09/98 A.Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
XF970/VH-RHO F.4/T75S (ex-Singapore 528) pic1
first flight
F 00/04 Dave Currie, Hunter Flight, Sunshine Airport, Maroochydore, Qld.  Australia;00/95 Archerfield Apt, Qld.
XF972   F.4/FGA 80(9) (ex-Kenyan 804, Zimbabwe 1801) N S 10/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
XF974/B-BTCX F.4 N ? 06/99 09/91 E.C.Stead, Manchester, NH;  01/91 RAF Halton GIA /90; Gray Tuplin Ltd, Southall, UK
XF987 F.4/FGA.73A (ex-Jordanian/Omani 842) N S 00/98 Preserved at King Hussein College, Mafraq AB, Jordan
XF994   F.4/T. 8C (DERA) N F 01/99 Apprentice School, Boscombe Downe, Wiltshire, UK; 11/98 Replacing Hawk 100 at ETPS, Boscombe Down, UK


XF995G/BZSF F.4/T.8B pic1


? 06/01 Delta Jets, Kemble, Gloucestshire, UK; 00/98(Painted matt black), RAF Cranwell (GIA), Lincolnshire, UK
XG127 (see J-4101)
XG152  F.6A N M 10/98 Luftwaffen Museum, Berlin –

Gatow, Berlin, Germany

XG154 F.6/FGA.9 N M 00/96 RAF Museum, Hendon, London, NW9 5LL, UK
XG155  F.6/FGA.9

(Zimbabwe 1807)

N S 10/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
XG158 F.6A N R 00/98 P&EE Pendine, Dyfed,Wales, UK
XG160/G-BWAF F.6A (ex-RN) pic1 S 00/98 Bournemouth Museum, Dorset, UK; RAF Scampton, auctioned 12/94; for Royal Jordanian Historic , Bournemouth, UK
XG 164 F.6 (ex-RN) N G 09/03 MAS, Poole,Wellington, Somerset; Hangar13, Shawbury, UK (dismantled)
(actually XG172)
F.6A (Made to look like an FR10) pic1 M 06/04 City of Norwich Aviation Museum, Norfolk
XG172 (alias - possibly composite of WT799, XJ639 & ET-272) Any further info would be welcome?
F.6A N M 11/98 Ben Bartell's Jet Centre. (previously McCarthy Aviation), N.Weald, UK.(rear maybe fitted to two seater front section; see WT799, Xj639 & ET-272), RAF Scampton, auctioned 12/94; Richard J. Everitt, Ipswich, UK 12/94: 
XG194 F.6/FGA.9 pic1 S 00/96 RAF North Luffenham, Leistershire, UK (Russian look-a-like for EOD training)
XG195 (marked as XG193)   F.6/FGA.9 pic1 M 10/98 Bomber County Aviation Museum, Gainsborough, UK
XG196 F.6A N G 00/98 Joint Services Command & Staff College, Mytchett, Surrey, UK
XG199/J-724 F.6/FGA.71 (Chilean )
pic1 M 00/98 Museum at Los Cerrillos, Santiago, Chile
XG205 F.6/FGA.9/FGA.74A (ex-Singapore 506) pic1 S 12/98 A. Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
XG207    F.6/FGA.9 (Zimbabwe 1088) pic1
G 06/04 Gate Guard King George 6 Barracks, Harare; 12/96 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru,Zimbabwe
XG209 F.6 N C 08/98 For Sale 1250 pounds. Tel: 44 1245 264651;   Glen Newman, Chelmsford, Essex, UK
XG210( & composite of XL623/XL572) F.6 pic1 ? 00/98 Private Owner, Beck Row, Suffolk, UK
XG225  F.6A (ex-RN) N G 09/04 RAF Museum, Cosford, UK; 10/98 The Aerospace Musuem, Cosford, UK
XG226 F.6A N C 00/98 1242 Squadron ATC, Faversham, Kent, UK
XG228 F.6/FGA.9 (Zimbabwe 1180) N S 00/98 AFZ,Thornhill AB, Gweru, Thornhill, Zimbabwe
XG252 F.6/FGA.9 N ? 00/98 Privately owned, Hereford, Herefordshire & Worcestershire, UK
XG254 F.6/FGA.9 N M 06/02 Norfolk & Suffolk Av Museum, Suffolk, UK; 00/98 Pvt Owner, Colchester, Essex, UK; RAF Coltishall (dump), Norfolk, UK
XG260 F.6/FGA 9/F.74 (Singapore 501) pic1
G 05/02 Paya Lebar AB Gateguard, Singapore. A Hunter '501' is  also the SAF Museum at Changi AB, and this may be the imposter?
XG266 F.6/FR74BS (ex-Singapore 521) N S 09/98 A.Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
XG274 F.6 N ? 09/03 ?,  Newmarket, UK;; R.J.Everett, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
XG290 F.6 C 06/05 Tony Dyer Boscombe Down Museum, DERA, Wilts, UK (NB Rear fuselage at Delta Jets, Kemble)
XG292 F.6/FR.74A (ex-Singapore 512) N ? 00/04  Steven Appleton, Boise, USA; 09/98 Mr. Ricardi, USA
XG297 F.6/FGA.9 N C 00/98 Lakeside & Leisure  Complex, Aeroventure, Doncaster, S.Yorks; S.Yorkshire Av Museum, Firbeck,  UK
XJ615/G-BWGL T.8C? pic1
F 01/05 Elvington Events Ltd.,Elvington, Exdeter, Devon; 07/01 Old Flying Machine Company, Duxford Airfield, UK
XJ627 P.1101/T.22 (second prototype/Chilean 721) N S 04/98 Antofagasta/Cerro, Moreno AB, Chile
XJ634 (marked as Saudi 60-602) F.6 (ex-RN) N M 10/99 New Saudi Musuem; 00/98 R.J.Everett, stored Ipswich Suffolk, UK
XJ639 F.6 N D 02/05 Barry Pearson, Hunter Club, Devon, Exeter, UK; 00/98 Ben Bartell's Jet Centre, (previously McCarthy Aviation), N.Weald, Hangar 7, Epping, Essex, CM16 UK.   (rear maybe fitted to two seater front section). 06/95 Stored dismantled Ipswich,UK.
XJ645 F.6/F.73A ex-Jordanian 831/Omani 831 N G 00/98 Gate Guard, RAFO Seeb/Muscat, Oman
XJ676  F.6  N M 10/99 Leavesden Studios for new James Bond film; 10/98 Imperial War Museum, Duxford, UK
XJ683 F.6/FGA.9 N S 00/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
XJ685 F.6/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 502) pic2 S 00/01  Geoff Moesker, Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane, Queensland; 00/98 Alan Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
*XJ688 F.6/FGA.9/*FGA.71   (ex-Chilean J-744) N M 00/98 Museum at Los Cerrillos, Santiago, Chile
XJ689 F.6/FR.74BS (ex-Singapore 517) pic1

07/00 Jet Imports Ltd, (David Phillips), Ardmore, New Zealand
First flight since restoration in the hands of Sir Kenneth Hayr
XJ690/ET=273 F.6/FGA.9 N G
The forward fuselage of the Gateguard at Jet Heritage, Hurn, Robert Marley, Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK
XJ695 (tail marked XF519?) F.6/FGA.9 N T 00/98 CTE (fire training), Manston, Kent, UK
XJ713/J-722 F.6/FGA.71 (ex-Chilean) N M 00/98 Chilean AF Museum,Los Cerrillos, Chilei
XJ714 F.6/FR.10/FR.74BS
(ex-Singapore 531)
pic1 S 09/98 A.Arthur, Tocumwal Airfield, NSW, Australia
XJ714 alias (incorrectly marked) Composite of:- WT684, XF383, XM126, XG226, PH-NLH, & ET-272 pic1 U 00/98 Jet Aviation Preservation Group, Long Marston Airfield, Warwickshire, UK
  (my a/c in Rhodaf 1973)
F.6/FGA.9 (Zimbabwe 1284) pic1 S 10/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe (rebuilt from 2 air damage aircraft, the original XJ716 and XE559/AFZ8116?)
XJ718  F.6/FGA.9 (Zimbabwe 1817) N S 10/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru,   Zimbabwe
XJ676 F.6A N C 00/98 Leavesden Studios, Hertfords
XK138 F.6/*FGA.71   (ex-Chilean J-750) pic1 S 00/98 Chilean AF Museum, Santiago, Chile
XK149 F.6A N ? 00/98 Aero Group, Tulsa, Ok, USA; C. Forshaw, Bruntingthorpe Airfield, Leistershire, UK
XK601 (possibly XL601?) x N F 12/97 Courtesy Aircraft Inc, Rockford Illinois, USA (for sale: $80,000)
XL563 T.7 pic1
S 06/99 Privately owned by John Quentin of Herefordshire. 05/99DERA (RAF) Officers Mess Gate Guard, Hampshire, UK. It was the first production T.7 and as of 05/99 for sale with the closure of the Mess
XL564   T.7 (ETPS) N S 10/99 Stored at Boscombe Down. Mainly nose damage, rear fuselage going to a museum? 11/98 Engine malfunction, crashed. Both pilots ejected successfully.
XL565 T.7 pic1 U 08/98 Phoenix Aviation, Bruntinghorpe, Leiscestershire, UK; Delta Jets, Kemble Apt, UK. (Has sections of WT745)
XL567 T.7(ex-RN) N ? 00/98 Privately owned, Bournemouth Airport, Hurn, Dorset, UK
XL568 T.7A pic1
M 10/05  "Cold War" years, RAF Museum, Cosford, Shropshire, UK;; RAF Cranwell (GIA), Lincolnshire, UK
XL569 T.7(ex-RN) pic1 M 12/99 new East Midlands Aeropark, East Midlands Airport, Leicsetershire, UK
XL572/G-HNTR T.7 pic1



M 08/99 Yorkshire Air Museum, Linton-on-Ouse, Elvington, UK (Repainted as XL571 03/99). Restored to fly 07/91; GIA 93/95.
XL573/G-BVGH T.7 N F 07/04 Global Aviation, Exeter Airport, Devon UK; To Beachy-Head, Cape Town, RSA? Last flt. 03/91; stored RAF Shawbury 91/93; B. Pover/Lightning Flying Club, Exeter, UK.
XL576/N576NL T.7 (ex-RN) pic1
11/99 Crashed on Take off from Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa, USA2 occupants injured; 00/98 Polar Aviation Museum, Anoka County Airport, Blaine Minnesota, USA; 00/88 E.C.Stead, Manchester, NH, USA.  02/91 Norhtern Lights Aircraft Co.,USA
XL577 T.7 (ex-RN) pic1
F 01/05 Delta Jets, 'G' Site, Kemble, Gloucestershire, UK
XL578 T.7 (ex-RN) N Sp 11/98 Delta Jets, Kemble, Gloucestershire,   UK. (To be used for spares) Ex-RAF GIA; stored Bruntingthorpe
XL580 T.7/T.8M (ex-RN) pic1
M 08/00 Fleet Air Arm Museum, RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, UK; 11/98 Derelict RNAS Yeovilton
XL586 T.7 (ex-RN) N Sp 04/98 Delta Jets, Kemble, UK; Ex-Dick Everett, Sproughton
XL587/G-HPUX T.7 (ex-RN)
F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Aviation, Scampton; 04/03 Martin Emery, RAF Scampton, Lincs ; 01/00 OFMC, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK; 07/99 Classic Jets A/C Co., Exeter, UK; 00/98 OFMC, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK
XL591 T.7
N M 08/98 Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood Surrey, UK; Delta Aviation, Kemble Apt., UK. Ex-Dick Everett, Sproughton , UK
XL592 T.7 (ex-RN) N S 11/98 Held for stores at Hunter Club, Exeter, Devon, UK. 00/97.
XL598/G-BVWG/ZU-ATH T.7/T.8C (ex- FRADU) pic1
F 02/00 M.Beachy Head, Cape Town, South Africa. http://www.clssicjets.co.za
RNAS Yeovilton - sold at auction to B.Pover, Cranfield, UK


F 07/04 Gordon Hannam, Kemble, Glos ; 09/03 Jet Heritage, Bournemouth, Hurn, Dorset, UK - restored for Cathay pilot group; RN Fleetlands sold at auction
XL601 T.7 (ex-FRADU) pic1 S 11/98 Still for sale at Classic Jets A/C Co., Exeter, UK. 00/97 Sold at auction 16,000 pounds
XL602/G-BWFT T.7/T.8M N pic1 07/04 Barry Pearson, Exeter; 06/04 Hunter Flying Club,, Exeter Airfield, Devon,  UK
XL603 T.7/T.8M N U 05/00 Pvt Owner, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; Phoenix Aviation Bruntingthorpe Airfield, Leicestershire, UK
XL604   T.7/T. 8C/T.81 (ex-Kenyan 802, Zimbabwe 1084) pic1


F 10/98 AFZ, Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe
see XX467)
T.7 (ex-Jordanian 836, ex-Saudi 70-617)
XL609 T.7 N C 06/05 Up for disposal
XL612   T.7 (ETPS)  


U 09/04 Hunter Club, Exeter - being restored for Northern Lights, Canada ; 04/98 ETPS, Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK
XL613/G-BVMF/ZU-LEE T.7A N F 11/03 Thunder City, Cape Town) B.Pover, Classic Jet A/C Co, Exeter, UK. (Flying with Kennet Aviation Gnats 09/98);  RAF Shawbury stored;04/94
XL614/N614XL T.7 pic1


Lst 11/03 Hunter One, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport, Pennsylvania, USA; 00/97Andrew Mcneil, Augusta, New Jersey,USA
XL616/G-BWIE/SE-DXH T.7A pic1 ? 00/98 Vasteras Flygmuseum, Sweden; 00/97 Old Flying Machine Co (OFMC) Duxford, UK04/94
T.7 N F 00/04 Steven Appleton, Boise, USA; 06/99 Grace Aire Inc, Corpus Christi TX, USA 05/94.RAF Cosford GIA 00/88. Hunter Wing Ltd, Hurn 07/89. Northern Lights A/C Inc, Montgomery,Canada  1189/94.
XL618 T.7 (ex-RN) N G 00/98 Caernarfon Air World, Caernaerfon Aerodrome, Gwynedd, Wales, UK; 00/95 Cottesmore dump to Air Atlantique Museum, Caernarfon, UK
XL621/G-BNCX T.7 pic1
M 10/05 Dunsfold PLC; 00/98 Brooklands Museum Coolection UK 00/97? RAE Bedford /86; Louvaux Ltd, Hurn stored 87/93; restored to fly Hurn 00/93.
XL623 T.7 pic1
G 09/05 Howells Planets, Woking, England, UK (city centre),
*XX466 (renumbered from XL620) T.7 (ex-RN) N Lst


10/99 Perished 04/95; 00/98 Fleet Air Arm Fire School (fire training), RNAS Predannack, Corwall, UK
(renumbered from XL605)
T.7 N U 08/98 G.R.Montgomery, located at Delta Aviation, Kemble Apt, Gloucestershire, UK
N-122 Dutch Manufactured
F.4 (ex-Dutch)
N G 00/97 Soesterberg AFB Gateguard, Holland
N-129 F.4 N G 10/99 Vijfeiken, Holland
N-138 F.4 pic1 G 12/99 Leeuwarden Fighter Base, Holland (Displayed in colours No.322 'Parrot' Squadron)
N-144   F.4 N M 10/98 Luchtmacht Museum, Soesterburg, Holland
N-150 F.4 N T 00/98 GIA (Fire School), Schaarsbergen, Holland
N-202 F.6 N C 00/98 SW Aviation Heritage, Eaglescott Airfield, Devon, UK
See S571
See S573
N-222 F.6 (ex-Dutch/ex- Qatari FGA.78 QA 12) pic1 C 10/05 Mark Gaunlett, UK, under restoration
N-226 F.6 N M 04/99 Bosbad Hoeven, olland
N-250 F.6 N C 00/98 Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK
N-258 F.6 N ? 00/98 Previous Soesterberg AB Gateguard, Holland
N-268 F.6 (ex-Dutch/FGA.78, ex-Qatari QA 10) pic1 M 00/97 Yorkshire Air Museum/Allied Air Forces Memorial, Elvington,York,Y04 5AU, UK
N-279 F.6/FGA73B (ex-Jordanian 841/Omani 841) N M 00/98 Bait-Al-Falaj, Oman
N-283 F.6/T.66B (ex-Jordanian 801/Omani 801 pic1 U 04/05 Hunter Flying Club, Exeter, UK ; 08/98 At threshold of RW08 RAFO Seeb/Muscat, Oman
N-303 T.7/T.75 (ex-Singapore 500) N S


09/98 Ed Stead, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
N-304 T.7/T.75  (ex-Singapore 504) N ? 00/95
N-305   T.7 (ex-Dutch) N M 10/98 Luchtmacht Museum, Soesterburg, Holland
T.7/T.53 pic1


F 09/98 Royal Jordanian Historic Flight, Marka AB, Jordan. DutchAF N-307 58/67; DanishAF ET-274 67/73; Brian R.Kay, Ambrrion Aviation, Leavesden, UK (restored) 80/82; Mike Carlton, Brencham Historic A/C Ltd, Hunter One Collection, Hurn 82/87; LGH Aviation Ltd/Jet Heritage, Hurn 87/93.
N-315/XM121 T.7 N M 00/97 Jet Aviation Preservation Group, St Evesham, Worcs WR11 4LG, UK
N-316/QA-13 T.7/T.79 N G 10/05 Gate Guard, Doha AB


T.53 (T.7) (ex-Dutch) N ? 00/86 Classic Fighters, Weelde AFB, Belgium: Dutch National Air Laboratory, Schipol 66/80; Staravia Ltd, Exeter, UK 80/86; To USA /86
N10271 Danish Manufactured
T.53 (T.7) (ex-Danish 35-271 then ET-271) N ? 06/98 Stead Aviation Corp, Bedford, Nh, USA; (Components used in crashed N745WT)   HSA 12/75, Duxford Museum /76; stored Blackbushe /79; on loan Booker Aircraft Museum, Booker 86/87; Peter F.A.Hoare/ Militair, Cranfield, UK /87; Edward C.Stead, Bedford NH, USA 87/92
ET-272 T.53 (T.7) (ex-Danish) pic1 U 06/98 Boulton & Paul Ass, Wolverhampton, W.Midlands; Ben Bartell's Jet Aviation, , N Weald Apt Epping, Essex
ET-273 T.7 N G 12/98 Lakeside & Leisure complex, Aeroventure, Doncaster, S.Yorks; Centre section of Gate Guard at Jet Heritage, Hurn, UK
(see N-307)
E-401 F.51 (F.4) N M 00/98 Danmarks Flyvemuseum, nger, Zealand, Denmark; Skrydstrup AB Historical Collection, Helsingor, Southern Jutland, Denmark. 04/96 Royal Danish AF Museum, Karup, Denmark; or Danish National Air Museum, Billund, Denmark
E-402 F.51 pic1




M 09/05 Derk Johnson Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, Farnborough, Hants, UK; Bournmouth Aviation Museum, UK; 00/98 Private Owner, Kemble Airfield, Gloucestershire, UK
alias "WB195"
F.51 (F.4)  (ex-Danish 35-403, then E-403) pic1 F 01/00 Al Hansen, Mojave Airport, USA; 00/93 Siddely (HSA), Dunsfold
E-407 F.51 (F.4) N M 00/98 Eagles Air Museum, Bonanzaville USA
alias "WT720"
F.51(F.4) N G 10/98 RAF Sealand, Clwyd, Wales, UK
alias "XF383"
F.51 (F.4) pic1 M 10/98 City of Norwich Aviation Museum, Faith, Norfolk,  UK. 00/97
alias "WV395"
F.51 (F.4) N M 10/98 Aviodome – National Amsterdam, Schipol, Holland
alias "XF314")
F.51 (F.4) pic1
M 08/05 Kai Choi ; 09/03 Wycombe Air Park, High Wycombe, Bucks 10/99Parkhouse Aviation, , Booker, Bucks, UK
E-417 F.51 (F.4) N S 00/98 Danish Air Force Museum (stored), Billund, Denmark
N50972/N611JR (marked WB188)
F.51 (F.4) (ex-Danish 35-418, then E-418) pic1


F/S 08/99 EAA Museum, Oshkosh, USA?; 00/98 Combat Jets Flying Museum, Houston, Tx 92/98. HSA, Dunsfold, UK 75/78; Surrey &Sussex Aviation Society /78; Spencer R. Flack, Elstree (restored) 81/87; Jim Robonson, Houston TX, USA 12/87
E-419 F.51 (F.4) N M 00/98 North East Aircraft Museum,Washington Rd, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR5 3AZ, UK
E-420 F.51(F.4) N C 00/98 Adrian Windsor, Walton on Thames, UK
E-421 F.51 (F.4) pic1
M 00/98 British Aerospace, Brooklands Museum Collection, Weybridge, Surrey, UK
E-423 F.51 (F.4) pic1 M 10/05 Second World War Museum, Lasham Airfield, Hants UK.
E-424 F.51 (F.4) N M 00/98 Aeroventure, Doncaster, S. Yorks, UK; South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum Home Farm, Firbeck nr Workshop, Notts S81 8JR, UK,
E-425 alias Black Arrow "XG190" F.51 (F.4) pic1
M 06/01 Midland Air Museum, Coventry Apt, Baginton CV8 3AZ, UK
E-426 F.51 (F.4) N C 00/98 Egeskov Veteranmuseum, Egeskov Castle, Denmark
alias "XF324"
F.51 (F.4) N M 10/99 British Aviation Heritage, Bruntingthorpe Apt, Leics, UK
E-430 Swedish Manufactured
alias "XF418" 
F.4/F.51  N M 10/98 Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surrey, UK. Fayegate
34006 F.50 (F.4) (ex-Swedish) LST 06/98 Ed Stead, Manchester NH, USA 88/93 (rear part of crashed WT745WT); David C. Tallichet/MARC, Chino CA, USA 83/87; Jim Robinson/Combat Jets Flying Museum, Houston TX /87
34016 F.50 (F.4) N M 00/98 Swedish Air Force Museum, Linkoping/Malmslatt, Sweden
34070  F.50 (F.4) N M 10/98 Svedinos Bil-Och Flygmuseum, Sloinge, Sweden
34072 (see J-4206)
34080/J-4208/G-HVIP F.50/T.68 (ex-Swedish & ex-Swiss J-4208) pic1 F 07/04 Golden Europe Jet Club, Stuttgart, Germany ( Based at Bournemouth Apt, Dorset, UK)
34086(see J-4205) F.50/T.68
J-4001/XE536 F.6/F.58 (ex-Swiss) N M 00/98 Fliegermuseum, Dubendorf, Switzerland
J-4003/XE541 F.6/F.58 N ? 05/99 Preserved near ATC, BABLW, Payerne, Switzerland
J-4006 (see XE527 ) F.6/F.58
M 04/00 Canadian Warplane Heritage,Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
(Immaculately maintained by Ian Rusell)
J-4007/XE545 F.6/F.58 pic1
M 07/99 HUVER (Hunter Verin Interlaken), Postfach 662, CH-3800 Interlaken BE, Switzerland
J-4010/XE554 F.6/F.58 N ? 00/98 Fuselage in military exercise area, Zivilschutz, Wangen an der Aare, Switzerland
(J-4013 to J-4100 were new-build in the UK)
F.58 (F.6) N Fuselage only 00/98 Max Datwyler AG, Landenthal-Bleienbach, Switzerland
J-4015 F.58 (F.6) pic1 ? 00/98 Static Display, Mollis AB, Switzerland
J-4018 F.58 (F.6) N M 00/98


SF Interlaken, Switzerland
J-4020 F.58 (F.6) pic1 G 00/98 Officers Mess, UeG, Dubendorf, Switzerland.
J-4021/G-BWIU F.58 (F.6) pic1
F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Aviation, RAF Scampton, Lincolonshire, UK; 01/00 OFMC, Duxford Airport, UK 08/98; Peter Routsis Settlement 00/95
J-4022 F.58 (F.6) pic1 M 09/99 Szolnok AB Museum, Hungary
alias "712" E
F.58 (F.6) pic1
F 12/99 Royal Jordanian Historic Flight, Marka AB, Jordan; 11/98 RJHF, Delta Jets, Kemble, UK:
J-4026 F.58 (F.6) N ? 00/98 W. von Arx, Riehen, Basel-Mulhouse, Switzerland
J-4027 F.58 (F.6) N M 04/96 Royal Norwegian AF Museum, Bodo, Norway
J-4029 F.58 (F.6) pic1


M 09/99 RCAF Museum, Trenton, Ontario, Canada
J-4030/SE-DXD/C-GJMQ F.58 (F.6) pic1 F 09/03 Northern Lights, Canada; 00/01 Scandinavian Historic Flight, Eskilstuna Kjula Airport, Sweden
J-4031/G-BWFR F.58 (F.6) pic1 F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Av., RAF Scampton, Lincs, UK ;OFMC, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK
J-4032 F.58 (F.6) pic1 S 00/98 BAMF Reserve, Raron, (in mountain hangar) Switzerland
J-4035/N159AM F.58 F.6) pic1 ? 10/98   Planes of Fame, Grand Canyon Airport, Arizona, USA; 00/96The Air Museum of Fame, Chino, Ca, USA ; 00/95 Worldwide Jet Aviation Museum Corona del Mar, CA, USA
J-4037 F.58 (F.6) N S 00/98 Stored Payerne, Switzerland
(alias J-4015 as Paper aircraft)
F.58 (F.6) N F 00/98 Hunter Club, St Stephan, BE, Switzerland
J-4041 F.58 (F.6) N ? 00/98 Mr. Samuel Heuer, Nidau, Switzerland
J-4045 F.58 (F.6) N G 09/99 Fliegerkaserne, Payerne Barracks, VD, Switzerland
J-4050 F.58(F.6) N S 00/98 Interlaken, Switzerland
J-4057 F.58 (F.6) N ? 04/96 Private owner, Italy
J-4058/G-BWFS F.58 (F.6) N F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Av., RAF Scampton, Lincs, UK; 01/00 OFMC, Duxford Airfield, UK
J-4059/ZU-AVC F.58 (F.6) pic1
F 01/05 Ron Wheeldon, Lanseria Airfield, Tvl, South Africa
J-4060/NX58WJ/C-GZIC F.58 (F.6) pic1


F 12/03 Northern Lights, Canada; 10/99 Mojave CA, USA; 06/99 J.Russair Inc, Paso Robles, Ca., USA; 00/95 Worldwide Jet Aircraft Museum, Corona del Mar, CA, USA
J-4061/N58MX F.58 (F.6) pic1
F 09/04 Bob Guilford, USA; 06/99 Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Pennsylvania, Reading PA, USA
J-4062 F.58 (F.6) N M 09/96 ; International Luftfahrtmuseum, Schwenningen, Germany; Flieger Museum, P.O.Box CH 9423,  Alterhein, Switzerland
J-4063 F.58 (F.6) N ? 00/98 Foundation Sion, Sitten, Switzerland
J-4064/HB-RVQ F.58 (F.6) N F 00/98 Aviation  Museum (Fliegermuseum), Altenheim, Switzerland
J-4065  F.58 (F.6) N M 06/99 Musee’ des Transportes de Ailes, Toulouse, France
J-4066/G-BNXF F.58 (F.6) pic1 F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Av, RAF Scampton, Lincs, UK; 00/01 OFMC, Duxford Airfield, UK; 00/95 Jean-Luc Langeard, France 00/95
J-4067 F.58 (F.6) N F 02/05 Musee' European de L'Avion de Chasee, Montelimar, France
J-4068 F.58 (F.6) pic1 M 00/96 Giovanni Follador?,  Pordenone, Italy
J-4070 F.58 (F.6) N S 10/99 Stored in hangar, SF Emmen, Switzerland
J-4072  F.58 (F.6) N U 07/04 Hawker Hunter Aviation, Raf Scampton, Lincs, UK; Technic-Museum, Speyer; 04/96  Auto & Technic Museum, Sinsheim, Germany
F.58 (F.6) N M 04/96 Luftfahrtmuseum, Soesterburg,  Holland
J-4075/G-BWKA         alias "843" H F.58 (F.6) pic1 F 10/98 Royal Jordanian Historic Flight, Marka AB, Jordan; Jet Heritage, Hurn,UK
F.58 (F.6) pic1


F 09/03 Northern Lights, Canada; 00/01 VVF, Satenas, Sweden  Owned by:- Aeromec International, Windsor,UK
J-4077 F.58 (F.6) N S 10/05 (Still stored at Weelde AB, Belgium) despite following info-: 11/99 Musee' Royal de L'Armee et d'Histore Militaire, Brussels, Belgium
J-4078   F.58 (F.6) N M 00/98 Mussee de Esc Av 5, Arnex-sur-Orbe, VD, Switzerland;   04/96 Militaire Luchtvaart Museum, Kamp van Zeist, Holland
F.58 (F.6) pic1

F 01/05 Northern Lights, Canada; 01/00Amici del Hunter, Vola Ticino, Ambri/Piotia, Switzerland
J-4081/G-BWKB F.58 (F.6) N F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Av, RAF Scampton, Lincs, UK; 0FMC, Duxford Airfield, UK; Ex-Royal Jordanian Historic Flight/Jet Heritage, Hurn, UK
J-4082/SE-DXM F.58 (F.6) N S 12/03 Sweden; 00/98 BAMF Reserve, Raron (in mountain hangar), Switzerland
J-4083/G-EGHH F.58 (F.6) N F 09/03 G.R.Lacey, Bournemouth Av Museum, Dorset, UK
J-4085 F.58 (F.6) N ? 00/98 General Aviation Centre, Geneva Airport, Switzerland
J-4086/HB-RVU F.58 (F.6) pic1 F 00/95 Crossair Employees, Crossair, Postfach 4002, Basel, Switzerland
F.58 (F.6) pic1 F 09/03 Northern Lights, Canada; 01/00 VVF, Satenas Trollhatten, Sweden.         Owned by Aeromec, Windsor, UK:     00/95 West London Aero Club, Waltham, UK
F.58 (F.6) pic1


F 01/00 Scandinavian Historic Flight N.Weald, Essex, U&K; FMHS, Halmstad, Sweden; 06/99 Scandinavian Historic Flight,Norway
J-4090/G-SIAL F.58 (F.6) pic1 F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Av, RAF Scampton, Lincs, UK; OFMC, Duxford Airfield, UK; 12/97 Champlin Fighter Museum, Mesa Az, USA
J-4091 F.58 (F.6) pic1

12/03 Phoenix Aviation, Lutterworth, Bruntingthorpe, UK
J-4093 F.58 (F.6) N S 00/98 Interlaken, Switzerland
J-4094 F.58 (F.6) N S 09/98 Osterreichisches Luftfahrmuseum, Graz, Austria
F.58 (F.6) N F 09/03 Northern Lights, Canada ; 00/98 Association Varoise des Avions de Collection, Cuers, France
J-4096 F.58 (F.6) N ? 00/98 Association Varoise, Nantes, France
J-4097/N58HH/C_GZIB F.58 (F.6) pic1


F 12/03 Northern Lights, Canada; 04/99 Vintage Flying Museum, Fort Woth, USA; 09/98 Flugausstelling L & P Junior, Hunstuckhohstrasse, D54411, Hermeskeil, Germany. Tel- 49 6503 7693 Fax- 49 6503 3410
J-4098 F.58 (F.6) pic1 S 09/99 Luftfahrtausstellung, Hermeskeil, Germany
J-4099 F.58 (F.6) N M 00/98 Musee'deL'Air, Paris-Le Bourget, France
J-4100 F.58 (F.6) N S 11/99 Sion AB, Switzerland; 00/98 BABLW Sitten, Switzerland (it could be J-4063? See that entry)
ex XG127
F.6/FR.10/F.58A N F 09/01 Northern Lights, Canada; 01/00 Eskilituna Flygmuseum, Eskilstuna/Kjula  Airport, Ekeby, Sweden
(see XE 611)
F.6/FGA.9/F.58A pic1 F 06/99 D.M.Lavigna, Blossom, Wilmington, Delaware Amjet Aircraft Corp, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA; 00/96 Randall Haimes Air Museum, Gaffney NC, USA
F.4/F.58A pic1
12/04   Jonathan Whaley, Exeter, Devon,UK; 07/04 Kemble Airfield, Glos., UK. Painted in 'Fireball' and named Miss Demeanour. (08/99 -Damaged in a heavy landing during windshear at Swansea, N.Ireland); 04/98 Jet Heritage, Hurn, UK.
J-4105/G-BWOU alias  "XF303" F.4/F.58A pic1 F 07/04 Hawker Hunter Av, RAF Scampton, Lincs, UK; OFMC, Duxford Airfield, UK; 06/94  Aero-Phoenix, St Martin d'Horstin, France
J-4107/XF462 F.6/FGA.9/F.58A N M 00/98 Musee de L'Aeronautique, Nancy/Essey Airfield, Tomblaine, France
J-4110/XF318 F.4/F.58A N M 04/96 Flyghistoric Museum, Sola, Stavangar, Norway
J-4118/XF291 F.4/GA.11/F.58A N C 00/98 Cockpit in Verkehrshaus (Swiss Transport Museum), Luzern, Switzerland
J-4152/WT716 F.4/F.58A N M 00/98 "Robin Hood" Fliegermuseum, Dubendorf, Switzerland
F.4/T.68 pic2 F 11/99 Amici dell Hunter, Via Sasso Corbaro 8A, CH 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland (Based at Ambri); 00/98 BAMF Reserve, Raron, Switzerland
F.4/T.68 pic1
F 01/05 Ron Wheeldon,Lanseria Airport, Tvl, South Africa
F.4/T.68 pic1
F 06/04 Claude - Alain Guignet, Payerne AFB; 08/98 Stored in mountain hangar, Raron, Switzerland
J-4204/XE702 F.4/T.68 N S 00/95 Fliegermuseum (Swiss AF Museum), Dubendorf, Switzerland
HB/RVP (ex-Swiss & ex-Swedish)
F.50 (F.4) T.68 pic1 F 06/99 Verien Flieger (Aviation) Museum, Altenheim, Switzerland
J-4206/34072 F.50 (F.4) T.68 pic1 F 10/04 Claude-Alain Guignet, Payerne AFB; 00/98 BAMF Reserve, Raron, Switzerland (stored in mountain hangar)
J-4208 (see-34080) pic1
ID-16 (marked IF-83/OV-K)Belgian Manufactured F.4( ex-Belgian) N M 00/98 Beauvechain, Belgium
ID-26 F.4 N S 00/02 Beauvechain, Belgium
ID-44 F.4 pic1 M 06/99 Association des Amis du Muse'e du Chateau, Savigny-les-Beaune, France
ID-46 F.4 (marked as IF-70) pic1 M 00/98 Musee Royale, Brussels, Belgium
ID-102 F.4 N D 00/98 Scrapped at Ath, Belgium following death of the owner.
ID-123 F.4 pic1 G 00/98 Koksijde AB, Belgium
IF-3 Belgian Manufactured F.6/F.56A N S 00/98 Tezpur AFB, India (stored, airworthy)
IF-13 F.6/F.56A N S 00/98 Tezpur AFB, India (stored, airworthy)
F.6/T.66(from 4 a/c)/T.72 ex-Belgian, Chile pic1 M 00/97 Chilean Air Force, Los Cerrillos, Chile
IF-29 F.6 N D 00/98 Scrapped at Ath, Belgium following the death of the owner
IF-41 F.6/FGA.57 (ex- Belgian, Kuwait 213) pic1 G 00/97 Kuwait International Airport Gate Guard, Kuwait
IF-42 F.6 N T? 00/98 ?GIA for Belgian AF, Technical School, Saffraenberg, Belgium
IF-60 F.6/T66C (Lebanese L-280) N S 03/93 Rayak AB, Lebanon
IF-62 F.6/F.56A N S 00/98 Tezpur AFB, India (stored, airworthy)
IF-65 F.6 N S 00/98 Bevingen, Belgium (to be moved to Weelde)
IF-66 (see A941) . . . . .
IF-68 . N C 00/03 Sue & Roy Jerman, Welshpool, Powys, Wales
IF-69 F.6/FGA.57 (ex-Belgian, Kuwait 214) N M 00/97 Kuwait Aviation Museum, Kuwait
IF-83 F.4 N S 00/02 Bevekom, Belgium
IF-92 F.6 N D 00/98 Scrapped at Ath, Belgium following the death of the owner
IF-108/J-702 F.6/FGA.71 (ex-Belgian, Chilean pic1 M 00/97 Chilean Air Force, Los Cerrillos, Chile
IF-112 F.6/T66C (Lebanese L-281) N S 03/93 Rayak AB, Lebanon
ex Belgium IF-13
F.6/F.56A pic1. D 04/00 Engineless airframe offered for sale - Kalaikunda Air Base, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex BelgiumIF-50
F.6/F.56A . F 04/00 Target Tug Flight "Banners", Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, Indian
ex Belgium IF-85
F.6/F.56A . F 04/00 Target Tug Flight "Banners", Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex-Belgium IF-62
F6/F.56A .N F/S 04/00 AFS Tezpur, India
ex Belgium IF-115
F.6/F.56A pic1 D 04/00 Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex Belgian IF-17
F.6/F.56A pic1 F 04/00 Target Tug Flight "Banners", Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex Belgian IF-128
F.6/F56A . F 04/00 Target Tug Flight "Banners", Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex Belgian IF-3
F.6/F.56A pic1 F 04/00 Target Tug Flight "Banners", Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex Belgian IF-36
F.6/F.56A pic1 G 04/00 Gate Guard, Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal,India
*A543 F.56A N F/S 00/98 Tezpur AFB, India
*A932 . N M . IAF Museum, AFS Palam, N.Delhi, India
ex Belgian IF-66
F.6/F.56A N M 03/99 Palam AB, Indian Air Force Museum, Dehli
A968/XJ646 F.6/F.56A N S 00/98 AFS Kalaikunda, W.Bengal, India
ex Dutch N-274
F.56A N ? 00/98 Vayu Bhavan, N.Dehli, India
BA241/XF463 F.6/F.56 N G 00/98 Modern School,Barakhamba Rd, N.Dehli, India
BA258 F.56 N S 00/98 Tezur AFB, India (stored, airworthy)
BA263 F.56 pic1 M 01/00 Indian Air Force Museum, Air Force Station Palam, Delhi, India
BA268 F.56 N S 00/98 AFS Kalaikunda, W.bengal, India
BA286 F.56 N M 00/99 ?Indian Air Force Museum, Dehli
BA288 F.56 N G 01/00 Gate guard Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, India
BA312(A?) F.56 pic1 F 04/00 Target Tug Flight "Banners", Kalaikunda Air Base, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
BA313 F.56 pic1 G 00/98 On display by Officers Mess, College of the Warfare, Hyderabad, India
BA317 F.56 N ? 04/00 AFS Leh, India
BA357 F.56 N M 01/00 RIMC, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh, India
BA360 F.56 N ? 04/00 CAC HQ, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
BS488 T.66 N S 00/98 Tezpur AFB, India (stored, airworthy)
ex Dutch N-208
F.6/T.66D pic1 F 04/00 Target Tug Flight "Banners", Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex Dutch N-212
F.6/T.66D pic1 F 04/00 Target Tug Flight, Kalaikunda AB, District of Midnapore, W.Bengal, India
ex-Dutch N-230
F.6/T.66D N ? 04/00 DGNCC Office, Delhi, India
ex-Dutch N-265
F.6/T.66D N S 04/00 Kalaikunda AB, W.Bengal, India
ex-Dutch N-218
F.6/T.66D N ? 04/00 St Joseph Academy, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh, India
ex XE704
F.4/T.72 . F 07/01 Chase Aircraft for Embraer, Brazil
*J-747 FGA.71 pic1 M 00/98 Israeli Air Force Museum, Hatzerim, Israel ( The aircraft is in Jordanian Air Force livery.)
*718 (or 719?) F.6 N D 00/98 Dumped RAFO Thumrait, Oman (The original AF tail number is unknown?)
*802 T.66B N D 10/05 Dumped RAFO Thumrait, Oman (The original AF tail number is unknown, but is probably Dutch N-249 F.6/ex-Jordanian T.66B 716?)
*803 T.67 (Omani 803) N G 00/98 Gate Guard, RAFO Khasab, Oman (Aircraft was possibly ex- Belgian IF-56 (F.6), ex- Kuwaiti 210?)
*804 T.67 (Omani 804) N G 00/98 Gate Guard, RAFO Masirah, Oman (Aircraft was possibly ex-Belgian IF-37(F.6), ex-Kuwaiti 211?)
*828 FGA.73A (Omani 828) N G 00/98 Parade Ground, RAFO Gallah, Oman (the original AF tail number is unknown?)
see XF426
Company Address Photos No. Date of Update Details of Hunters and Status
Thundercity Cape Town Airport, South Africa   5 09/03  Classic Jets Hunters
Hunter Flying Club Hangar 43, Exeter Airport, Exeter, Devon, EX5 2BD, UK pic1 6 04/99 Individual Owners, and maintained by the Hunter Flying Club
Northern Lights Montreal, Canada pic1 8 01/05 Flying Formations and Fleet Support http://www.nlcas.ca/
MTN Forfmation
Yello Summer
South Africa,
Ron Wheeldon's Formation
pic.1 2(1) 01/05 xe653 borrowed from Thunder City?
Delta Jets Kemble Airfield, Cirencester, Glos GL7 6BA, UK pic1
3 05/00 05/00 Delta Jets delight spectators May Bank Holiday
Bornemouth Aviation Museum Hangar 600, Bournmouth International Airport, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 6DQ, UK . 3 03/99 .
Royal Jordanian Air Force Historic Flight Marka AB, Jordan . 3 01/00 .
Hawker Hunter Aviation RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, UK . 11 01/00 .
Ex- Singapore AF Hunters for sale, Tocumwal NSW, Australia pic1
9 F.74
1 T.75
05/99 Contact this web site address for details
Indian Air Force
Target Tug Flight
Kalaikunda Air Base
Dist. of Midnapor
West Bengal
pic1 6 F.56

2 T.66

04/00 .
Air Force of Zimbabwe Thornhill AB, Gweru, Zimbabwe . 13FGA.9
1 T.8/81
03/99 .
AIR FORCES THAT OPERATED HUNTERS N.B. A lot the aircraft below were converted from earlier Marks. New build aircraft will be denoted with #.

There were a total of 1,972 new build Hunters manufacture between 1951 and 1960

Air Force Dates Photos Total Number Marks Marks and Number of Aircraft
Royal Air Force 1954 - 1984 pic1
1266 F1,2,4,5,6, T.7, FGA.9, FR.10, Mk.12 F.1 = #139; F.2 = #45; F.4 = #349; F.5 = #105;
F.6 = #415;  T.7 = 51(#45); FGA.9 = 128; FR.10 = 33; Mk.12 = 1
Swedish Air Force 1955 - 1971 pic1 120 Mk.50 Mk.50(F.4) = #120
Danish Air Force 1956 - 1974 pic1 32 F.51, T.53 F.51(F.4) = #30; T.53(T.7) = 2
Belgian Air Force 1955 - 1962 pic1
256 F.4,.6 F.4 = #112; F.6 = #144
Jordanian Air Force 1958 - 1975 pic1 35 F.6, FGA.73,73A, FGA. 74, T.66 F.6 = 12; T.66(T.7) = 5; FGA73, 73A, 74(FGA.9) = 18
Swiss Air Force 1958 - 1995 pic1
160 F.58, 58A, T.68 F.58(F.6) = 100(#12); F.58A(FGA.9) = 52;
T.68(RR207) = 8
Rhodesian Air Force 1963 - 1980 pic1
12 FGA.9 FGA.9 =12
Zimbabwe Air Force 1980 - pic1
19 FGA.9
FGA.9 = 14(9 ex-Rhodaf; 5 ex RAF); FGA.80(FGA.9) = 4; T.81(207) = 1;
Peruvian Air Force 1956 - 1979 pic1 17 F.52
F.52(F.4) = 16; T.62(T.7) = 1
Indian Air Force 1957 - 1997 pic1 252 F.56,A
F.56(F.6) = 160(#112); T.66,66D,66E(207) = 39(#1); F.56A(FGA.9) = 53;
Dutch Air Force 1956 - 1964 pic1 113 F.6
F.6 = 93; T.7 = 20
Kuwaiti Air Force 1965 - 1976 pic1 11 FGA.57
FGA.57(FGA.9) = 4; F.6 = 2; T.67(207) = 5 
Iraqi Air Force 1963 - unknown pic1


64 F.6, FGA.59      FGA.59A,B  T.69 F.6 = 15, FGA.59 = 24; FGA.59A = 18, FGA.59B = 4         (all FGA.9s); T.69(207) =3


Saudi Arabian Air Force 1966 - 1975 pic1
6 F.6 F.60(F.6) = 4, T.70(T.7) = 2
Lebanese Air Force 1965 - unknown pic1
19 F.6, FGA.70, FGA70A F.6 = 6; FGA.70 = 4, FGA.70A = 6 (all FGA.9s),  T66C(207) = 3          
Chilean Air Force 1968 - 1996 pic1


42 FGA.71,     FGA.71A, T.72 FGA.71(FGA.9) = 28, FGA.71A(FR10) = 9, T.72(207) = 5 
Singapore Air Force 1970 - 1994 pic1


44 F.74, F.74A, B, T75, T75A F.74(FGA.9) = 12, F.74A(FR.10) = 15, F.74B(FGA.9) = 8,   T.75(T.7) = 4, T.75A(207) = 5   
Abu Dhabi Air Force 1970 - 1983 pic1 12 FGA.76, FGA.76A, T.77 FGA.76(FGA.9) = 7, FGA.76A(FR.10) = 3, T.77(T.7) = 2
Qatari Air Force 1971 - still serving? pic1
4 FGA.78, T.79 FGA.78(FGA.9) = 3, T.79(T.79) = 1
Kenyan Air Force 1974 - 1979 pic1
6 FGA.80, T.81 FGA.80(FGA.9) = 4, T.81(207) = 2
Omani Air Force 1975 - unknown pic1
31 Variety of Hunters from Jordanian (& Saudi?), Kuwati, UK
Somali Air Force. 1983 - early 90s pic1
9 FGA.76, 76A, T.77 FGA.76 =7, FGA.76A = 1, T.77 = 1 (all ex- Abu Dhabi)
Royal Navy ( Fleet Requirements and Air Direction Unit -  FRADU)            1957 - 1994 pic1 83 T.8, GA.11 T.8(T.7) = 43(#10); GA.11(100 series engine) = 40
Total all Air Forces = 2613
RAF "Black Arrows" Late 1950s pic1
F.6 . .


RAF "Blue Diamonds" Early 1960s pic1
F.6 . .
Swedish AF "Acro Hunters" !960-61 pic1 F.50 (F.4) . .
Belgian AF "Rode Duivels" (Red Devils) Early 1960s pic1
F.6 . .
Jordanian AF "The Hashemite Diamond" Early 1960s F.6 . .
Indian AF "Thunderbolts" . pic1
F.56 (F.6) . .
FRADU "Blue Herons" Early 1980s pic1
G.11 (F.6) . .
Swiss AF "Patrouille Suisse" Early 1990s pic1
F.58 (F.6) . .
Sideview all marks . pic . . .
F.6 Side/Plan view . pic . . .

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