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vx272pic1.jpg (54059 bytes)vx272 pic1 before
wb188pic1.jpg (38338 bytes)wb188 pic1with Neville Duke wb188pic2.jpg (52229 bytes) pic2 afterwb188pic3.jpg (235798 bytes)pic3 Neville Duke 1999Neville Duke pic4.jpg (31254 bytes)pic4 50th Anniversary
wp190pic1.jpg (30574 bytes)wp190 pic1pic2 Tangmere Peter Poulterpic3 after Jeff Middleton
wt619pic1.jpg (27415 bytes)wt619 pic1 G.Lakinwt619pic2.jpg (32710 bytes)pic2
wt648pic1.jpg (48422 bytes)wt648 pic Neville Duke at Jet Age Museum, Gloustershire. September 1997?
wt651 pic1pic2 Ken Ellis
wt660pic1.jpg (52547 bytes)wt660 pic1
wt680 pic1 before Andy Mason
wt684 pic1 before Tony Collinspic2 after Ken Ellis
wt694pic1.jpg (30384 bytes)wt694 pic1wt694pic2.jpg (36301 bytes)pic2 K.Ellis
wt711pic1.jpg (20572 bytes)wt711 pic1 N.Challoner
wt723pic1.jpg (36196 bytes)wt723 pic1before 1973wt723pic2.jpg (46131 bytes)pic2 11.1999
wt744pic1.jpg (25276 bytes)wt744 pic1 before
wt799pic1.jpg (66964 bytes)wt799 pic1
wv256pic1.jpg (16084 bytes)wv256 pic1  green 'wb188' with Jeff Middleton. Ken Ellis
wv272pic1.jpg (33096 bytes)wv272 pic1
wv276pic1.jpg (40080 bytes)wv276 pic1
wv318pic1.jpg (51059 bytes)wv318 pic1 before wv318pic2.jpg (69844 bytes) pic2 after pic3
wv322pic1.jpg (26952 bytes)wv322 pic1 Duncan Cubittpic2pic3Jun 2004 Jeff Middleton
wv326pic1.jpg (36738 bytes)wv326 pic1 before Antoagasta 1966
wv331pic1 factorypic2 Brisbane 1998pic3 Nowra NSW 2001pic4 Before2002
pic5 After2004 pic6 RHODAF markings of 1280 circa 1972 pic7 RAN museum Nowra 2013 pic8 RAN museum Nowra 2015
wv372pic1.jpg (25761 bytes)wv372 pic1 beforewv372pic2.jpg (53837 bytes) pic2 afterwv372pic3.jpg (38206 bytes) pic3 Kemble G.Moreman Mar2000 with Ian Pringle flying
wv381pic1.jpg (48023 bytes)wv381 pic1 before
wv383pic1.jpg (33746 bytes)wv383 pic1 before 1970swv383pic2.jpg (47463 bytes) pic2 To Farnboroughpic3 N.Pricepic4 Kai Choi
wv386 pic1 Great cockpit!pic2 with Avon208 engine. Steve Appleton via Ray Deacon
wv396pic1.jpg (41195 bytes)wv396 pic1 RN ADJ 1971wv396pic2.jpg (37194 bytes) pic2 before wv396pic3.jpg (50530 bytes) pic3 after
xe584 pic1pic2 David Burke
xe587pic1.jpg (18707 bytes)xe587 pic1
xe597 pic1 before Key Collectionpic2 after Ken Ellis
xe599pic1.jpg (33040 bytes)xe599 pic1 military
xe606pic1.jpg (44799 bytes)xe606 after Mark AJ Young
xe601pic1.jpg (70431 bytes)xe601 pic1pic2 awaiting restoration Jeff Middleton
xe610 pic1 Max Waldron
xe613 pic 1 Winston Brent
xe624pic1.jpg (24379 bytes)xe624 pic1 RAF 1Sqn 1962
xe627pic1.jpg (58652 bytes)xe627 pic1xe627pic2.jpg (63250 bytes)pic2 A.Ockenden
xe650pic1.jpg (49883 bytes)xe650 pic1pic 2 Kai Choi
xe653pic1.jpg (30721 bytes)xe653 pic1 UKxe653pic2.jpg (31677 bytes) pic2 Cape Town 1998xe653pic3.jpg (57066 bytes) pic3 1999pic4 2005
xe656pic1.jpg (38132 bytes)xe656
xe664pic1a.jpg (48531 bytes)xe664 pic1a beforexe664pic2a.jpg (63086 bytes)pic 2a recovered
xe664pic(1).jpg (48531 bytes)xe664 pic1 (painted incorrectly 500)xe664pic(2).jpg (63086 bytes) pic2 F4 cockpit before T8 conversion
xe665pic1.jpg (30731 bytes)xe665 pic1 RAF 208Sqn 1982xe665pic2.jpg (21158 bytes) pic2 before
xe677pic1.jpg (38915 bytes)xe677 pic1 beforexe677pic2.jpg (22412 bytes) pic2 after
xe685pic1.jpg (26716 bytes)xe685 pic1 beforexe685pic2.jpg (57831 bytes)pic2 Glen Moreman
xe689pic1.jpg (18909 bytes)xe689 pic1 N.Challoner
xe707pic1.jpg (24751 bytes)xe707 pic1 beforexe707pic2.jpg (19838 bytes) pic2
xf289pic1.jpg (45224 bytes)xf289 pic1 beforexf289pic2.jpg (26867 bytes) pic2
xf300pic1.jpg (14032 bytes)xf300 pic1 red 'wb188' K.Ellispic2 Neville Duke with 'wb188'
xf301pic1.jpg (18678 bytes)xf301 pic1xf301pic2.jpg (41592 bytes) pic2xf301pic3.jpg (34163 bytes)pic3 after Pat Devlin, Chino
xf310pic1.jpg (39694 bytes)xf310 pic1 Firestreak trials 1956 beforexf310pic2.jpg (32842 bytes) pic2 Devonport, Aus pic3 H.Ebes after
xf311pic1.jpg (33309 bytes)xf311 pic1 beforexf311pic2.jpg (65678 bytes)pic2 after K.Woodrow
xf317pic1.jpg (34086 bytes)xf317 pic1 Chilean AF 1992
xf321pic1.jpg (44063 bytes)xf321 pic1 beforepic2 Max Waldron
xf357pic1.jpg (30887 bytes)xf357 pic1 after
xf368pic1.jpg (26336 bytes)xf368 pic1 before
xf375pic1.jpg (62012 bytes)xf375 pic1
xf382 pic1 beforepic2 after Malcolm Lambert
xf386pic1.jpg (17216 bytes)xf386 pic1 Genoa en route Cape Town. 'Boz' Robinson
xf416pic1.jpg (31385 bytes)xf416 pic1 AFZ 1984
xf419pic1.jpg (50879 bytes)xf419 pic1 AFZ 1998
xf426 pic1 I.Duncan
xf432pic1.jpg (38725 bytes)xf432 pic1 before Farnborough 1976
xf437pic1.jpg (42676 bytes)xf437 pic1 beforexf437pic2.jpg (51286 bytes) pic2 May 2001 pic3 1st Flightpic4 Avalon 2003 Steve Jamison
xf504pic1.jpg (55428 bytes)xf504 pic1 self   RHODAF Mar1972xf504pic2.jpg (25720 bytes) pic2 AFZ 1997 pic3 
xf515pic1.jpg (31305 bytes)xf515 pic1 after
xf516pic1.jpg (73607 bytes)xf516 pic1 beforexf516pic2.jpg (50463 bytes) pic2 afterxf516pic3.jpg (41504 bytes)pic3 Mar2000
xf527pic1.jpg (20037 bytes) xf527 pic1 N.Challoner
xf946pic1.jpg (58881 bytes)xf946 pic1
xf950pic1.jpg (47219 bytes)xf950 pic1 before Singapore AF 1970s
xf967pic1.jpg (28513 bytes)xf967 pic1 with Brian Grant. P.Hellier
xf970pic1.jpg (49502 bytes)xf970 pic1 before pic2 afterpic3 first flight Jul 2003
xf995pic1.jpg (46485 bytes)xf995 pic1 militaryxf995pic2.jpg (18195 bytes)pic2 civvy PRM
xg160 pic Kai Choi
xg168 (actually xg172)pic1 Paul Dubois
xg194pic1.jpg (31870 bytes)xg194 pic1
xg195pic1.jpg (36806 bytes)xg193 pic1 A.Barley
xg199pic1.jpg (27397 bytes)xg199 pic1 RAF 19Sqn 1961
xg205pic1.jpg (32464 bytes)xg205 pic1
xg207pic1.jpg (25884 bytes)xg207 pic1 RAF 58Sqn 1970spic2 after AFZ gate guard Steve Murray
xg210pic1.jpg (15907 bytes)xg210 pic1 A.Barley
xg260pic1.jpg (29706 bytes)xg260 pic1 Chiok Ching Chawxg260pic2.jpg (15643 bytes)pic2 B.Engbrecht
xg290pic1.jpg (40396 bytes)xg290 pic1 (Ejection seat from xj637, lost after pilot safely ejected in 1979)
xj615pic1.jpg (17970 bytes)xj615 pic1 pic2
singaporehuntpic2.jpg (20285 bytes)xj685 pic2 military
xj689pic1.jpg (62421 bytes)xj689 pic1 beforexj689pic2.jpg (39298 bytes)pic2 afterxj689pic3.jpg (33574 bytes)pic3 Wayne Grantpic4 Wanaka 2002 Rob Finlayson
xj714pic1.jpg (37225 bytes)xj714 pic1
xj714aliaspic1.jpg (74096 bytes)xj714 (alias) pic1 before
xj716pic1.jpg (44074 bytes)xj716 pic1Rhodaf   Sep.1973
xk138pic1.jpg (26869 bytes)xk138 Chilean AF, El Bosque 1990
xl563pic1.jpg (29101 bytes)xl563 pic1Greenham Common 1976xl563pic2.jpg (57734 bytes) pic2 1996xl563pic3.jpg (53666 bytes)pic3 1998

xl565pic1.jpg (12486 bytes)xl565 pic1
xe584 pic1pic2 after
xl568 pic before D.Cubitpic2 K.Ellis
xl569pic1.jpg (14418 bytes)xl569 pic1
xl572pic1.jpg (64808 bytes)xl572 pic1 Chivenor 1974xl572pic2.jpg (27955 bytes) pic2 Beforexl572pic3.jpg (47620 bytes)pic3 After
xl576pic1.jpg (16994 bytes)xl576 pic1xl576pic2.jpg (30178 bytes)pic2 Oshkosh 1996
xl577 pic1 beforepic2 Glen Moremanpic3 after Delta Jets D. Burke
xl580pic1.jpg (29258 bytes)xl580 pic1 ADJU 1970 RAF 4FTS 1974xl580pic2.jpg (34891 bytes) pic2 After Ken Ellis
xl598pic1.jpg (33400 bytes)xl598 pic1 beforexl598pic2.jpg (36772 bytes) pic2 afterxl598pic3.jpg (36783 bytes)pic3 Feb2000
xl600pic1.jpg (48161 bytes)xl600(G-VETA) pic1 after (and wv372 G-BXFI)xl600pic2.jpg (55711 bytes) pic2
xl601pic1.jpg (38624 bytes)xl601 pic1 Classic Fighters
xl602 pic1Jeff Middleton at work
xl604pic1.jpg (46404 bytes)xl604 pic1 Rich Culpan and self en-route from KAF to AFZ 1981xl604pic2.jpg (50279 bytes) pic2 AFZ 1998
xl612 pic1 Jeff Middleton (nd from the right)
xl613pic1.jpg (19011 bytes)xl613 pic1 P.Hellier
xl614pic1.jpg (21575 bytes)xl614 pic1 M.Kopak, Phantom Productionsxl614pic2.jpg (28868 bytes)pic2
xl616pic1.jpg (41911 bytes)xl616 pic1
xl621pic.jpg (55569 bytes)xl621 pic1 beforepic2 after Kai Choi
xl623pic.jpg (63816 bytes)xl623 pic1 pic2 Kai Choi
n-138pic1.jpg (65577 bytes)n-138 pic1
n-222 pic1 before Mark Gaunlet
n-268pic1.jpg (31343 bytes)n-268 pic1 after
n-307pic1.jpg (49428 bytes)n-307 pic1 G-BOOMn-307pic2.jpg (69355 bytes) pic2 800
et-272pic1.jpg (42923 bytes)et-272 pic1
e-402pic1.jpg (19572 bytes)e-402 pic1e-402pic2.jpg (44250 bytes)pic2 M.Lowepic3 N.Pricepic4 Kai Choi
e-409 pic1 (painted as xe683) Paul Dubois
 e-412 pic1 G.Tannerpic2 2005pic3 Kai Choi owner
e-418pic1.jpg (35954 bytes) e-418 pic1 UK      e-418pic2.jpg (29298 bytes) pic2 USA
e-421 pic1pic2 Aeorplane Oct 2003
e- 423 pic1 Kai Choi
e-430pic1.jpg (29108 bytes)e-430 pic1 D.Clements
e-425pic1.jpg (24417 bytes)e-425 pic1 beforee-425pic2.jpg (26185 bytes)pic2 after
j-4006 pic1j-4006pic2.jpg (36594 bytes)pic2 Ian Russel with his chargeJ-4006pic3.jpg (30816 bytes)pic3 Jun2000
j-4007pic1.jpg (38870 bytes)j-4007 pic1 No.7 military SAF "Blue Hunter"j-4007pic2.jpg (48262 bytes) pic2 civilianj-4007pic3.jpg (54696 bytes)pic3

j-4015pic1.jpg (60487 bytes)j-4015 pic1
j-4020pic1.jpg (30221 bytes)j-4020 pic1 military with j-4027 (j-4023 scrapped?)
j-4021pic1.jpg (31478 bytes)j-4021 pic1 civilianpic2 Waddington 2003 Duncan Cubitt
j-4022pic1.jpg (35636 bytes)j-4022 pic1 with J-4025
j-4025pic1.jpg (47767 bytes)j-4025 pic1 beforej-4025pic2.jpg (48733 bytes) pic2 afterj-4025pic.3.jpg (65402 bytes)pic3 Kemble
j-4029pic1.jpg (95001 bytes)j-4029 pic1j-4029pic2.jpg (23706 bytes) pic2 J.Bates
j-4030pic1.jpg (44976 bytes)j-4030 pic1 civilian
j-4031pic1.jpg (42866 bytes)j-4031 pic1 civilian
j-4032pic1.jpg (49370 bytes)j-4032 pic1 before with other surviving Patrouille Suisse Hunters
j-4035pic1.jpg (44992 bytes)j-4035 pic1
j-4059pic1.jpg (53448 bytes)j-4059 pic1 civilian by Mt. Kilamanjaropic2 after 2005 Frans Dely
j-4060pic1.jpg (37051 bytes)j-4060 pic1 civilian UKj-4060pic2.jpg (38002 bytes) pic2 civilian USA
j-4061pic1.jpg (25674 bytes)j-4061 pic1 civilianpic2 after
j-4066pic.jpg (55442 bytes)j-4066 pic1 civilian
j-4068pic1.jpg (25493 bytes)j-4068 pic1 civilian
j-4075pic1.jpg (17418 bytes)j-4075 pic1 N.Challoner
j-4076pic1.jpg (33399 bytes)j-4076 pic1 beforej-4076pic2.jpg (18628 bytes) pic2 after, with j-4087
j-4080pic1.JPG (27564 bytes)j-4080 pic1 militaryj-4080pic2.jpg (31272 bytes)pic2 civilian Oct99pic3 to Canadapic4
j-4086pic1.jpg (38370 bytes)j-4086 pic1 before
j-4087pic1.jpg (27383 bytes)j-4087 pic1 with j-4076
j-4089pic1.jpg (40274 bytes)j-4089 pic1j-4089pic2.jpg (46487 bytes)j-4089 pic2
j-4090pic1.jpg (59494 bytes)j-4090 pic1
j-4091pic1.jpg (43392 bytes)j-4091 pic1 militaryj-4091pic2.jpg (30250 bytes) pic2 civilianpic3 Nigel Price
j-4097pic1.jpg (35871 bytes)j-4097 pic1j-4097pic2.jpg (33710 bytes) pic2 B.Wyndham
j-4098pic1.jpg (35448 bytes)j-4098 pic 1 civilian
j-4103pic1.jpg (24631 bytes)j-4103 pic1 civilian
j-4104pic1.jpg (43186 bytes)j-4104 pic1beforej-4104pic2.jpg (44354 bytes) pic2 afterj-4104pic3.jpg (54174 bytes) pic3
j-4105pic1.jpg (18468 bytes)j-4105 pic1
j-4201pic2.jpg (45688 bytes)j-4201 pic2 after
j-4202pic1.jpg (23903 bytes)j-4202 pic 1 civilianpic2 2005 pic3 Tiger Hunter
j-4203 pic1 pic2 Claude-Alain Guignet
j-4205 pic1 Erich andet
J-4206 pic1Claude-Alain Guignet
j-4208pic1.jpg (33988 bytes)j-4208 pic1
id-44pic1.jpg (59233 bytes)id-44 pic1
id-46pic1.jpg (33486 bytes)id-46 pic
id-123pic1.jpg (60341 bytes)id-123 pic1
if-19pic1.jpg (43028 bytes)if-19 pic1 Chilean AF, Cerro Moreno 1979
if-41pic1.jpg (31770 bytes)if-41 pic1
if-65 pic1
if-108pic1.jpg (39889 bytes)if-108 pic1 Chilean AF 1980
a463pic1.jpg (106316 bytes) a463 pic1 Phil Camp
a473pic1.jpg (92533 bytes)a473 pic1 Phil Camp
a484pic1.jpg (91401 bytes)a484 pic1Phil Camp
a492pic.jpg (30334 bytes)a492 pic1 Aeroplane 03.2000
ba263pic1.jpg (18105 bytes)ba263 pic1
ba312Apic1.jpg (81600 bytes)ba312A pic1 Phil Camp
ba313pic1.jpg (37280 bytes)ba357 pic1
n-208pic1.JPG (13450 bytes)s571 pic1 Phil Camp End of Hunter Service in Iaf
indianbannerspic1.jpg (59541 bytes)s573 pic1 Phil Camp
j-736pic1.jpg (24231 bytes)j-736 pic1 I.Siminic
j-747pic1.jpg (35132 bytes)*j-747 pic1 (ex-Chile in Israeli AF Museum, in Jordanian colours!)

Companies that own large numbers of Hunters

Hunter 50th Anniversary and Kemble Air Day 22 July 2001
Hunter 15 Ship.jpg (25261 bytes)
Ray Deacon

Classic Jet Aircraft Companyclassic jetspic1.jpg (34998 bytes)pic1 Feb 99

Delta Jetsdeltapic1.jpg (76881 bytes) pic1 May 99deltapic2.jpg (32851 bytes)pic2 May 2000

Tocumwal Hunterstocumhuntspic1.jpg (51057 bytes)pic1 Feb 96tocumhuntspic2.jpg (24530 bytes)pic2 Mar 99

Indian Air Force Target Tug Flight, Banners"indianbannerspic1.jpg (59541 bytes)pic1 Phil Camp Mar2000
Northern Lights, Montreal, Canadapic1 2003
MTN "Y'ello Summer" Formation, South Africa pic1 2005 Frans Dely