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                                       HUNTER AEROBATIC DISPLAY TEAMS

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1.rafblackarrowspic1.jpg (15588 bytes)pic1 Hunter F.6 RAF "Black Arrows" late 1950s

rafblackarrowspic2.jpg (46077 bytes)pic1 "Black Arrows" No.111 Squadron 1958

2.rafbluediamondspic1.jpg (10869 bytes)pic1 Hunter F.6 RAF "Blue Diamonds"  1960-61

rafbluediamondspic2.jpg (24465 bytes)pic2 "Blue Diamonds" No.92 Squadron

3.belgianreddevilspic1.jpg (13062 bytes)pic1 Hunter F.6 Belgian AF "Rode Duivels" (Red Devils) early 1960s

belgianreddevilspic2.jpg (41721 bytes)pic2 "Rode Duivels" Chievres, Belgium 27th May, 1962belgianreddevilspic3.jpg (30318 bytes)

4.swedishacrohunterspic1.jpg (12581 bytes)pic1 Hunter F.50 (F.4) Swedish AF "Acro Hunters" 1960-61

5.fradublueheronspic1.jpg (41922 bytes)pic1 Hunter G.11 FRADU "Blue Herons" 1980spic2 Richard Wilson

6.indianthunderboltspic1.jpg (13914 bytes)pic1 Hunter F.56 (F.6) Indian AF "Thunderbolts"

indianthunderboltspic2.jpg (62641 bytes)pic2 "Thunderbolts" No.20 Squadron 1982indianthunderboltpic3.jpg (54216 bytes)pic3 Derelict Mar2000 P.Camp

7.swisspatrouillesuissepic1.jpg (13249 bytes)pic1 Hunter F.58 (F.6) Swiss AF "Patrouille Suisse" early 1990s

swisspatrouillesuissepic2.jpg (50234 bytes)pic2 Hunters of "Patrouille Suisse" above the Aletsch Glacier