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                                              HAWKER HUNTER SPECIFICATIONS


1.Dimensions:  Span: 33ft 8ins (10.25m)

                      Length: (single seater) - 45ft 10.5ins (13.98m); (T.7) - 48ft 10ins;

                                  (FR 10) - 46ft 1ins.

                      Height: 13ft 2ins (4.02m)                                  

                      Wing Area: (F1,2,3,4,5) - 340sq ft; (F.6, FGA.9, T.7) - 349sq ft.

2.Power Plant:  (F1) Rolls Royce(RR) 113 - 7,500lb thrust; Fuel capacity - 337imp gal (1,532lt)

                        (F.2) Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 101 - 8,000lb; Fuel - 314imp gal (1,427lt)

                        (F.3) RR RA.7R - 7,130lb (dry); 9,600lb (reheat); Fuel - 400imp gal (1,818lt)

                        (F.4,G.11) RR115 - 7,500lb; Fuel Capacity (internal) - 414imp gal (1,882lt)

                        (F.6) RR203 - 10,000lb; Fuel Capacity (internal) - 392imp gal (1,782lt)

                        (FGA.9,FR.10) RR207 - 10,150lb; Fuel Capacity (internal) - 392imp gal

                        (T.7, T.8) RR122 - 7,550lb; Fuel Capacity (internal) - 414imp gal

                        (T.7(207), Mk12) RR207 - 10,150lb; Fuel Capacity (internal) 414 imp gal

3.Performance: Max Speed: (F.1) 610kts (1,126km/h) at sea level (SL); 0.93M at 36,000ft

                                             (F2,5) 612kts (1,130km/h) at SL; 0.94M at 36,000ft

                                             (F.3 mod for speed record) 633kt (1,169km) at SL

                                             (F.4,G.11) 610kts (1,122km/h) at SL; 0.94M at 36,000ft

                                              (F.6,FGA.9,FR.10) 620kts (1,150km/h) at SL; 0.95 at 36,000ft

                                              (T.7,8) 604kts (1,117kts) at SL; 0.92M at 36,000ft

                                              (T.7(207) as for FGA.9

4.Weights: (F.1) 12,128lb (5,501kg) empty; 16,350lb (7,416kg) loaded

                      (F.2) 11,973lb (5,431kg) empty; 16,300lb (7,393kg) loaded

                   (F.3) 17,850lb (8,097kg) take off weight

                   (F.4) 12,543lb (5,690kg) empty; 17,100lb (7,756kg) loaded

                   (F.6) 14,122lb (6,406kg) empty; 24,000lb (10,886kg) max loaded

                   (FGA.9/FR.10) 14,572lb (6,610kg) empty; 24,422lb (11,078kg) max loaded

                   (T.7,8) 13,497lb (6,122kg) empty; 22,000lb (9,979kg) max loaded

                    (T.7(207) much the same as the FGA.9 

5.Armament: Single Seaters: Four 30mm Aden cannon (150 rounds per gun), variety of underwing stores including 2in and 3in rocket
rocket projectiles, 68mm SNEB rockets, various 500 and 1000lb bombs, 100gall naplam tanks, air-to-air missiles (ie. Oman - sidewinders,
Rhodesia - Voorslag), air-to-ground (ie. Switzerland - Maverick), 100 and 230 (inboard) gallon drop tanks.

                      Two Seater: One or two 30mm Aden and various underwing stores.

 6. Diagrams                                                                                     

                     a. Side view of all Marks:specssideviewall mks.jpg (59541 bytes)  


                    b. Side view cutaway of F.6:specssideviewf6.jpg (52815 bytes)